PABX Telephone System

We offers traditional Analogue PABX solutions as well as Virtual PBX solutions for effective and efficient communications.

We offer the full range from multi-branch interlinked PABX systems to simple handsets and headsets to get any business of any size communicating.

We partner with Panasonic, the best brand name in PABX, to offer you onsite solution hardware for your environment.

As the official distributor of the Panasonic Business Communication products in South Africa, we can uniquely integrate the products with the ROOT IT Support cost saving telecommunications IP services to give you many hybrid benefits not offered by other telecommunications providers.

  • PABX Telephone System (Installation & Configuration)
  • PABX Analogue & Hybrid PABX
  • VoIP Telephone System
  • Maintenance & Relocations and Expansions
  • Specializing on Panasonic PABX System
  • Category- STATION WIRE 4/C
  • Telephone Sales (PABX, Mainphone, Extension Panasonic)
  • Consultancy

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